Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Reality of Knife Attacks

 Demo on how real knife attacks happen from Richard Dimitri, founder of Senshido.

VIDEO HERE  (4 minutes)


  1. "It's the energy and the rage that's crippling".

    This. Remember, it can work both ways.

    1. Exactly...............ya gotta be as crazy and be on the offensive. And there are things apart from a better weapon and good shoes.

    2. True but focused rage is key.

      My MA training in this scenario = break the fuker's knee with my foot.

      If he gets inside = throat punches & go for the kill shots to head and nose.

      This guy is missing so many nerve and kill shots that incapacitate attackers.

      Pretty worthless vid imo.


  2. Very, Interesting.
    I never thought of it from that angle. E&R.
    And it makes sense.

    I have seen a little guy dump 2 body builders, with exactly that technique. In Fist tee cuffs, no steel.
    It never dawned, figured the big dudes were just show. And they were in the end.
    But the little guy...Faaaaaaaaast, very fast. Back and fourth on faces, hahaha. He drank for free that night.

    Never been, in that predicament. the knife.
    And will avoid it at ALL costs.
    Ego is temporary. A sliced throat.....

  3. There's a HUGE difference between a trained knife fighter and the typical one thrust street punk though. Pit this guy against the late great Bruce Lee. Who would win? My money's on Bruce every time. The average person without self defence training is likely to be screwed.
    For those interested you should check out Vladimir Vasiliev knife training on youtube.

    1. Bruce Lee hasn't got a chance. I may be in poor shape, but he's dead as a door nail.

  4. Losers of knife fights go to the morgue. Winners go to the Emergency Room, and are very often quite badly screwed up for the rest of their lives. Hacking at nerves, tendons and muscle is bad, especially when the tendon is under tension.

  5. "Hacking at nerves, tendons and muscle is bad, especially when the tendon is under tension."

    Absolutely! And that's one of the things covered by Vladimir and I practice the techniques while walking down crowded footpaths. Becomes second nature quickly. Invaluable.

  6. During the years I had my FFL in Kalifornia, I had many discussions with customers about concealed carry. The specified distance for qualification targets was 21 feet. I explained the distance this way--"If you and your attacker are standing flat footed 21 feet apart, and your attacker (male or female) comes at you on a dead run while pulling a knife, and you draw your weapon from concealment, it's a tie.

    Condition yellow, head on a swivel.

  7. First rule of knife fight?

  8. I've been privileged to train with some very high-level, expert martial artists - including some who were or had been cops and soldiers, and also many who had trained people going into harm's way. To a man, all of them feared edged weapons and attacks with them. Such is not unfounded. Whereas firearms take considerable training to use well, most people instinctively know how to inflict damage with an edged and/or pointed weapon. They're been around and used them enough in everyday life to get it.

    Only the stupid criminals show you the blade before using it. Seasoned thugs and street fighters, guys who've done time in the "gladiator factories" (that's what many inmates call being in the joint) known as American prisons, keep the blade hidden until it is time to put it to work, and then hide it again as quickly as possible after the deed is done. They also work in teams: 1-2 guys to immobilize the target, and one to shiv him.

    Even in the event you have training in knife defense techniques, the best defense of all is to place distance between yourself and your attacker, if you can. The "Nike Defense" is never a bad idea, but a chair or other object will work, too. Failing that, use whatever materials you have at hand to protect yourself. If you have a coat or jacket, use it if it will provide some slash or stab protection.

    Even if things going according to plan and you successfully defend yourself from a knife-wielding attacker,be prepared to get cut - because you're gonna get cut.
    There's a famous drill they do in Jeet Kun-Do - I can't remember the originator - but it consists of two "knife" men wearing white t-shirts whose weapons are colored magic markers. They spar and try to "cut" one another with their "weapons" and by the time the bout is over, each participant is covered in marks from the other guy's magic marker. Count on it.

    Situational awareness is paramount. The best way to avoid being in a knife fight is to be someplace else when the threat appears. Luck doesn't always shine upon us as individual people, but chance does favor the prepared mind. The vigilant one, too.

    1. You know what scares people more than cold steel?


      Especially if you're strapped up in nylon.

      Just not very handy to carry around.

  9. I went through air cop schools at Fort Sam, including dog-handler.
    I worked three penitentiaries including a max.
    I lived and worked all over this particular planet.
    Playing at/waiting to defend gets me hurt.
    Irregardless of my victim's weapon -- knife, firearm, pipe, empty hands -- my job is causing injuries to my victim.
    I ignore the weapon.
    Destroy the eyes instead of watching my victim's hands... hoping to react to an attack in time to delay the inevitable.
    Destroy the throat instead of grappling with my victim's arms... hoping to delay the inevitable.
    I distract my vic by causing immediate injuries:
    * bury my fingers into-and-through the eye-socket of my vic (if I feel brains, I am satisfied)
    * crush the throat of my vic... right out the back of her/his neck
    Instead of stepping back to evaluate the effect of the injuries I just caused, I step in to cause more injuries.
    I immediately follow-up distracting my vic by eliminating the mobility of my vic:
    * destroy the ankle/knee
    My intent is causing life-long crippling by turning my vic into a puddle of sniveling gimp.
    I will be 70 in a few weeks.
    I operate a farm plus I am in the gym every day.
    I have few friends, I see everybody as a potential threat... because they play at defense, they play at training, they play at pretend, they play at wasting training time.
    My only friends are former USNavy SEALS, one para-jumper, and current/former Corrections Officers.
    Somebody might say we prefer the edge.
    The 'delusion of safety' is incomprehensible to me.
    re -- this video
    You will never see a knife prior to the attack.
    Your first realization you are involved in an attack -- you feel the knife penetrating your torso as you experience hypovolemic shock.
    You are deceased, you just do not know it yet.
    A professional does not see a person, a professional sees a series of targets.
    Are you studying anatomy?


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