Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Yessir, that's a real man right there

ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - Rogers County deputies arrest a man accused of beating his pregnant wife, but they quickly learned the victim had been missing from out of state for three years. 

Then, investigators say they found dozens of videos on the internet of James Saroka mentally and emotionally abusing his wife. 

 Investigators tell News On 6 that this is a dark story that just keeps getting darker. 

In the videos posted to social media, Saroka repeatedly yells and cusses at the victim, calls her names and berates her.


  1. These two YouTube actors are portraying a functional relationship.
    According to the script, their relationship works for them.
    Judging them is not my job.

  2. Some people pay good money for that.

  3. Used to be we would call a guy like that "mental".


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