Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Confederate Gun Collection at the Greensboro History Museum

 Join us for this behind-the-scenes look at the John and Isabelle Murphy Confederate Longarms Collection at the Greensboro History Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina.

VIDEO HERE  (41:38 minutes)


  1. While it is quite interesting to learn about Confederate made weaponry, it is discouraging to listen to these guys "on the fly" commentary. How much more informative if they had bothered to assemble a script and take us through the evolution of the rifle's features.

  2. it was a while ago now (2015? 2016?), but i remember a news story that the Greensboro PD (or maybe it was the Sheriff's dept?) had 2 original tommy guns that had been in their armory for YEARS, and were going to auction them off and used the proceeds for updating their firearms? I grew up/etc about an hour east in the "big city" of Raleigh!

  3. Both North and South Carolina have some nice firearms museums. The Greensboro collection is terrific- it had been taken off display a while back, hope it's back in the public area. The North Carolina museum of history in Raleigh has a bunch of guns from David Marshall "Carbine" Williams who was very involved in the development of the M1 carbine His entire workshop was given the the museum when he died and moved then reassembled in the museum. Oh yeah, he worked on developing the carbine action in the prison workshop where he served time for murdering a deputy who was raiding his still. And in Camden, SC, about half hour east of Columbia, is a great little city museum which has some really interesting guns, including some owned by Melvin Purvis, the FBI agent who led th hunt for John Dillinger. There are also a couple of guns owned and used by Dillinger, and several variants of M1 carbines , some signed by David Marshall Williams.


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