Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Gotta make a buck

CHICAGO — A Chicago woman is accused of obtaining death certificates of young homicide victims by claiming she was a relative and then using their stolen identities to collect thousands of dollars in COVID-19 stimulus payments and tax refunds, authorities said.


  1. Usual garden variety DEMONrats.

  2. Ya think they'd be happy enough with public housing and food stamps.

  3. I you put that much initiative into a legit job you might get somewhere!

    1. Not nearly as far or as fast, though.

  4. from the 'nothing we can do about it' department:
    According to the linked press-release...
    "Identify theft can be very tricky, very difficult for authorities to detect because the systems simply aren’t in place, at least not across the entire federal bureaucracy or state bureaucracy to proactively look for instances of identity theft,” said Gil Soffer, a legal analyst..."


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