Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Industrious fuckers, ain't they?

YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – A busy crook is suspected of hitting more than 40 cars in one night. This all went down at The Park on Westpointe apartments in Yukon, part of the Oklahoma City metro area, Monday night into Tuesday morning. 

Kayla Broomfield said her husband was headed to work Tuesday when he had to come back into their apartment to tell her the news.

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  1. I lived in an apartment complex in Houston for a while that was like that. You learned: nothing of value in your car and leave it unlocked. I left as soon as the lease was up. You cannot live among the chimps. Cops never did shit because it was only property crime and I came to know that it was sort of expected in that neighborhood.

    I later did extended contract work in Houston when I lived in a county just over 200 miles away. So, I rented in Houston. The apartment finders would tell me quietly and carefully whenever a complex that catered to Katrina "refugees" was on the menu. I ended up renting a small garage apartment in a high dollar neighborhood. It was close to town and quiet. Not real fancy, but the landlord was a great guy.


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