Friday, September 24, 2021

Safety First



  1. Not as bad as it looks, the car is on the point of balance. and ourt frame there might be a rope or strap through the pillar attached to the building.

    Used to do similar years ago when extensive welding was the norm to keep our old cars on the road (England has always used too much salt in winter) but what we would do is attach a towing line to the back of decent car, then put that over the roof of the car to be turned and wrap it around the centre B pillar, a row of tyres placed in case the car went too far, then simply pull it over on its side holding it by the rope propped up against the tyres, leave the tow car in place and work away.

    Keep in mind, like the poor sod in the pic, we hadn't two ha'pennies to scratch our arses with so it was either fix what we had or go without.
    Yeah it looks bad now but put the clock back 45/50 years and some of the stunts we got up to fixing our cars when we were broke would turn your hair white now.


  2. Some people are supposed to die young. 'Tis a good thing.

  3. My inner spirit engineer is whispering something negative about that. Ohio Guy

  4. Looks like a deinstalling the Catalytic Converter operation.

  5. I am going to assume that this is a european country. Those countries citizens NEVER seem to have enough money to purchase decent equipment. you think it's because they pay something like 65-75% of their income in taxes!??!?! But they get "free" health care, and extended holidays......
    And our "betters" want to emulate that system right here in America

  6. Looks a bit sketchy but I would trust that before using Harbor Freight jack stands.

  7. You do what you have to do or you go without in a lot of the world.

    You folks who were really offended by this picture, if you couldn't afford jack stands to fix your car you turn to walking?

    1. I have to agree with Rob. I know what it is like to be young, broke and raising a family. Back in the late 70's, early 80's, when you could still work on your own car, I often used cement blocks to prop my car up to work on it. I once pulled an engine, unhooking everything, then having a friend in town with a wrecker come out and hoist it out, and sit it on a bench. Then, when I had put the new tranny in place, he came back out and put the thing back in. I have had so many cars I can't remember which one it was, but it was easier to pull the engine and tranny together.
      At my foundry job, we had a metallurgist who was just out of college, and took his old beater car, drove it out back, and used a lift truck to pick up the back end and wire his exhaust system together. He propped the front end so it would not roll forward, but the car was an old station wagon, and he had it on a 45 degree angle.
      He was Jewish, much too smart for that place, and ended up working on the Chicago Board of Trade. My wife's friend told us that last she heard, he had just hit the big money level.

    2. You can make a homemade grease pit for less than a day's labor, that's about 1000 times safer. Just for one option. Even a partial trough, and a skateboard crawler (or even a piece of scrapwood and stick rollers), would entail far less risk. And that's just using 4th-grade engineering skills.

      With that lash up, one wheel/suspension failure on the downside, and everything tumbles anyways, point-of-balance or not.

      The Turd World has reached gross IQ set-point, but the population there continues to grow. Darwin licks his chops, and this guy's next of kin gets a new project car.


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