Friday, September 17, 2021

SAY WHAT???!!!

You should stop drinking beer if you wish to be in peak physical health. For a variety of reasons we will discuss, beer should cease to be your tipple of choice if you wish to pursue fitness, but also have a penchant for alcoholic beverages on occasion. 


  1. Another dumb ass, no name, vapid "model" trying to get sympathy for being stupid.
    I guess she wasn't smart enough to call Redken back on a public phone number to ask if this was a legitimate offer and paid the price.

    Now, she wants money from ordinary people to salve her conscience. Pathetic.


  2. From the press-release:
    "When in doubt, do as schwarzenegger did."

  3. FUD: fear, uncertainty, doubt. The mainstays of modern advertising.

  4. Does this mean the end of the "Hold my beer" game?

  5. I think I'll keep my beer and THINK I'm in top psychical condition rather than quit and realize I'm not.

  6. That statement earns an execution, here in Franconia, the Bastion of Beer.

  7. Gonna get his ass kicked by some beer swilling redneck one day.

    Conrad Scott:I've been involved in the world of fitness since I was a teenager, when I taught martial arts. In the intervening decade or so, I've experimented with a variety of methods, including calisthenics, kettlebells and mace training, as well as continuing to train in a variety of martial arts such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, SAMBO and Thai boxing. In the past couple of years, my attention has turned to heavy lifting, with a particular focus on the three big lifts (bench, squat and deadlift). I like making my own bespoke equipment and now have a lockdown-proof home gym complete with concrete weight plates. Secure the means of muscular production!


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