Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The New Homeless

A landlord of eight Florida apartment blocks plans to evict people who refuse to get the Covid vaccine, after 15 of his tenants died in the pandemic. 

Santiago A. Alvarez owns eight apartment complexes, with 1,200 units, in Broward and Miami-Dade counties and is the first known large-scale landlord in the US to impose a vaccine requirement for tenants.


A South Florida mother of two told "Fox & Friends" Friday she was "very shocked" to receive a notice from her landlord to get vaccinated within two weeks or face eviction from her apartment.

"There was no loophole, no working with me, no extensions and I literally had to walk away," said Jasmine Irby, saying she was concerned about having an eviction on her record if she could not get the shot in time.


  1. Find a pro bono lawyer and take the S.O.B.s to court. Eviction is a process so drag your feet. Don't let the basturds intimate you. This may be the hill you will fight for.

    1. This. Plus, keep paying your rent so you are not in breach of the lease agreement.

  2. might be time to "vist" this fucker in the parking garage with ball bat or something,,
    as long as they can get away with making demands without paying a price for their stupid.
    this will keep happening more and more. they bullies. and the only way to deal with them is
    to punch them as hard as you can in the mouth. fuck them !

    1. I totally agree with your statement

  3. Revelation 13:16-18 "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

    I guess we now have a clear definition of the Mark, or the Jab, whatever you want to call it.

  4. There's one apartment complex full of soon to be super spreaders of the mutated WuFlu.

    Will the jab keep me from getting the WuFlu - NO
    Will the jab keep me from spreading WuFlu - NO
    Has the jab been long term tested on humans - NO
    Has the jab caused any deaths or injuries to date - YES
    Did any of the animals survive the test trials - NO
    Are the makers liable for any injuries or deaths - NO

    Analysis Summary: HIGH RISK with LOW BENEFIT.

  5. I thought vax mandates are illegal in florida?


    1. They are, something like $1,500 per person per incident.

      This is some dumbass landlord from up in Yankeeland.

      Don't fuck with DeSantis.

    2. Laws are like ice cream: easily melted.
      - Elites everywhere

  6. never will I ever take the Fauci juice.

    the landlord should go to hell.

    Zero legal basis to make that edmand

    tell 'em to pound sand.

  7. Talking with a lawyer buddy of mine and the first thing he asked was " do you have her number ?" He said he could milk it for 10 million . Can you imagine a jury of old boomers in Florida handing over a decision on that ?

  8. Violence is the solution to a lot of lifes problems. Jussayin. Ohio Guy

  9. They keep trying the no jab no job force farce in England, salami slice method so care and health workers now, 12/15 year old kids now, others later, fools like this landlord think they can similarly become their own little jumped up dictators.

    They want an apartheid system, based on wther you've surrendered to the present regime or not.

    Apartheid can work both ways though, anyone who makes the slightest hint of making life difficult for you unless you take the jab (the mark of the beast) strike them from your life, have nothing to do with them, do not do business with them, be with people who believe in freedom and leave the communists/fascists (same thing) to their fate.
    See how they get on when the genuine working and working middle classes take their work and money elsewhere.


  10. First it was inhumane to toss people out due to bad ol covid. How could a landlord do such a thing. Now it's not inhumane to toss them out if they won't get a shot? The bullshit is mighty deep.

  11. Does she have a lease? Does it say eviction because of no jab? I believe a lease is an enforceable legal contract; but I am not a lawyer. Sounds like a class action lawsuit might be in the cards for this fine landlord. Or, better yet, a bunch of single lawsuits.

  12. I owned rentals around Sacramento in the 1970s (keyword -- extend purchase escrow for months; during my delays, inflation builds my equity in property I do not yet own).
    Santiago has exposure because everybody knows he has a lot to lose.
    Own each property in a stand-alone entity.
    123 Quailnest Drive is 'paper-owned' by Goldstein Equity Partners.
    234 Quailperch Way is 'paper-owned' by Lewinski Management.
    A property search shows Goldstein owns only one property, no 'deep pockets', no trail to Lewinski or any other properties.
    As I paid down my mortgage while inflation increased my equity, I added a second 'paper' mortgage equal to my equity, so anybody wanting to sue me would see they would get a very burdened property.
    Sue me?
    I hope you win, so you get stuck paying me my 'paper-mortgage'.
    Going into owning rentals, I knew I did not know diddly about squat, so I apprenticed with a couple old landlords of the jewish religion.
    I survived, but just barely.
    Who was the stooge?
    Meeting potential renters at the unit, repeat after me:
    "I do not own this rental, I am just a working stiff trying to get by. The owners... (...are out-of-state, do not speak English, etcetera)."
    I acquired foreclosures with all the wiring stripped from the walls, the HVAC unit sold for scrap, blank spaces from kitchen cabinets pulled down and burned in the yard.
    If everybody else drove by and said "Yuck!", I bought the dump from the mortgage-holder/bankers for a dollar (us$1.00).
    The next day, I rented-to-own to DIY fixer-uppers with dancing-plum dreams of scoring major bank by selling their beautiful re-no to the next dumber stooge.
    Simultaneously, I owned forty single-family properties.
    All tolled, I owned about a hundred homes.
    I lived in an eight-plex I managed as "...just the care-taker here, the owners give me a little break on my rent...".
    My door-knocking buddy was a single-father retired US Marshal named 'Marshall', about 6'8", probably close to four-hundred pounds, and " as the ace of spades and don't I know it!".
    These days, I am less of a stooge...


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