Monday, September 20, 2021

Your Monday Morning Florida Report

A Florida Man who told police that his Donald Trump flag was stolen from his front yard also reported discovering a handwritten message in his mailbox “referencing Antifa” that warned “we are here” and “we are watching.” 

Mark Mazzarella, 69, called cops Friday morning to report the flag theft, which occurred the prior evening, according to a police report. Mazzarella, a registered Republican, lives on a quiet Vero Beach street.


  1. Glad they put the case in inactive. Now the citizens can take care of it.

  2. WIRE IT HOT to 440v and SAY OH YES and WE ARE ARMED!

  3. Hhhmmm. The article described Antifa as a "shadowy organization that does not exist". Did the intrepid reporter not pay attention to the widespread riots that have been happening for the last one or two years?

    1. Given the usual tone of that site, I'm guessing that that reference was sarcastic. Referring to 'Anti'Fa as both 'shadowy' AND 'does not exist' is the tell.

  4. A little bait and an NVD and Bob's yer uncle. Ohio Guy

  5. Shoddy writing doesn't disqualify antifa or most products of socialized education from the last 30 years.

  6. The real article is in the sidebar of the article:'Naked Woman, 28, Drove Golf Cart Through Scene Of Armed Standoff, Cops Say'! Florida Baby where naked drunk chicks drive golf carts in the middle of night!


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