Thursday, October 21, 2021

Commentary: Solving the Supply Chain Problem Requires Less Government, Not More

During the latter part of the 20th Century, Americans became accustomed to hearing stories of shortages of basic items in the Soviet Union. The metaphor of “waiting in line for bread” came to signify anything where a state-managed effort led to the inefficient and ineffective distribution of consumer goods and services. The state-generated supply chain problems were the butt of jokes for comedians everywhere.


  1. Simple solution: Temporarily suspend the air quality rules and let all the trucks in to pick up the goods. Might only take a couple weeks to dispatch the backlog, and then, though it might take a few repeat performances, deservedly, California will have precious little port business, clean air and outraged pinheads who have to wait for months or years to get their goodies.

    1. It's the PRC (People's Republic of California). They'll never suspend those rules. First, they're never wrong. Second, they're *happy* for the disaster, the sooner to destroy the nasty, patriarchal, disgustingly free US. Third, like the fake racial hate crime; it will "prove" that capitalism sucks. Win win win for them.

  2. The supply chain "problem" requires more Venezuela, not less.

    The people that bought you Hunter Biden's partner in corruption to be CEO of The United States, are the EXACT people that moved critical manufacturing to foreign, hostile (redundant... I know) countries, to monetize and steal the infrastructure value.

    The people that bought you a buggering Secretary of Transportation, who takes months off after abducting twins, while the supply chain burns down... are the EXACT people that monetized and stole every iota of slack from the supply chain.

    The people that bought you COVID "quarantine", for years... but only for businesses that they didn't own, are the EXACT people that have been wage busting the supply chain for decades.

    Allowing these EXACT people to quit pretending the Regime people they hire to do the "work" of looting the proles, by having the other people they hire do the "work" of looting the proles, will "solve" the "problem"... how? As the looting is not merely a feature... it is the ENTIRE point.

    It will not be addressed, let alone solved, until the proles have, not a Ceaușescu - but a Pol Pot, moment.

  3. I have a thought...MAKE THE STUFF HERE!
    One more...FEED U.S. CITIZENS FIRST!
    There ya go Joey from Scranton. Now you can get back to licking Ben & Jerry


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