Thursday, October 21, 2021

Didn't see that coming...

WILMINGTON (CBSLA) — With the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach now running 24/7 operations, a new problem has occurred. Many of the shipping containers that spent weeks onboard ships waiting to be unloaded are now being dumped in nearby neighborhoods once they’re emptied. 


  1. POLA and POLB are being buried in containers since buttplug's solution to all the ships anchored off shore was to offload the containers and stack em everywhere.
    This is a manufactured problem brought to you by the people who will gladly come up with solutions that don't work in exchange for billions of dollars and more power.

    1. Pretty sure even Karl Doenitz had a better plan for dealing with shipping off the American coast than ol' Pete.

  2. There will soon be a backlog ships waiting to get loaded with empty containers. There's no money to be made sailing a ship away completely empty with nothing to be delivered anywhere. And there will be another backlog in China waiting for the empty containers to be delivered. Best solution is to tell the Gov't to go away and let people do their jobs.


  3. And the Chicory just "bought" the Maersk container manufacturing plant in China. It was the last one not owned by the Chicory.
    The Chinese are having containers shipped back empty because it takes longer to deliver and empty a container there than it does to fill an empty, and the shippers make more money shipping from China than they do shipping to China.
    John in Indy

  4. Apparently the huge line of ships is visible a long long way away.

    Far queue Joe 😅

  5. Probably more than a few being dumped with erstwhile "immigrants" (whose food, water, and oxygen ran out while waiting to be offloaded) still inside, too.


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