Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Got soap?

NEW YORK - You could be seeing prices go up again next year for items you buy in the drugstore and supermarket. 

Unilever, the maker of everything from Dove Soap to Breyers Ice Cream, is warning inflation is likely to pick up in the coming months, peaking in the first half of 2022 and as a result, the company says it's raising prices by over 4% in some areas.


  1. Walgreens in San Francisco doesn't care. All their stuff is free for the taking.

  2. Packaging continues to shrink.....what used to be a 12oz bag of chips is now 9.75oz (how did they get that number?). It's getting to where a box of crackers will fit into your back pocket. And the prices for these micro-pack are still higher.

    Shrinkflation plus inflation = starvation.

    1. Anyone else notice bacon slices are smaller?

    2. A bag of potatoes is now 8 lbs instead of 10 lbs at my grocery store.

  3. Got 2 cases of Ivory on order.

  4. Unilever owns Ben & Jerry's Socialist Ice Cream.
    Think before you buy.

  5. I also decided that having larger stocks of hand sanitizer were a priority, as not only will dirty hands cause sickness, there is no need for having clean water to use it. Also, can be used as an accellerant for fires. Pretty useful in the outdoors.


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