Monday, October 25, 2021

How Wyatt Earp Murdered Curly Bill Brocious?

 One of the most famous rivalries in Old West history is that of the Earp brothers and the "Cowboys".

Viewers of the movies "Tombstone" or "Wyatt Earp" will know the basic sequence of events, from the alley behind the OK Corral shootout to the assassination of Morgan Earp, attack on Virgil Earp, and ultimately Wyatt's Vendetta Ride.

The end of that ride culminated at the showdown between Wyatt Earp and Curly Bill Brocious.

Alas, both movies really do a very poor job of representing how that showdown actually went down.

Why does Hollywood do that, when the real story is just as interesting?

We have no we went to the site of the event to show you what really happened!

VIDEO HERE  (7:21 minutes)



  1. Awful lot of legend came out of dime store novels which rarely had facts right.

    Reminds me of the writer in the last Eastwood movie where the cowboys cut up the woman. He was following every one around to get a story.

    But this guy has done his home work and looks to have id'ed the spot.

    1. Unforgiven

      Eastwood has made several since then.

    2. Local historians tell a whole different story from the way it was reported in the east - remember that when it was all over, the survivors of the Earp group went back east and the Cowboys stayed...

      It would be difficult to make a hero of Wyatt Earp without omitting some of the facts, like Wyatt's brothers' prostitution and protection rackets - or the accusations that Wyatt and Doc Holliday were robbing the stage. (OTOH, Wyatt claimed to have trailed the robbers to a Cowboy's ranch.) The Cowboys were probably no better. Both were violent gangs sheltering behind a man with a badge, and Tombstone became less violent once most of them had shot each other.

  2. Interesting, Thanks! Two of my favorite movies.

  3. So if Curly Bill did die there, what happened to his body? Not likely that the cowboys gave him a proper burial.

  4. Good work and well presented.

  5. I knew a member of his family, she was adamant that the family name was "not pronounced like a 'belch'", but as though it was spelled "Arp".


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