Tuesday, October 26, 2021

It's the little things in life

LEESBURG, Fla. — People who win lottery jackpots upgrade their homes, buy new cars or take a long-deserved vacation. A Florida man who won $1 million has a more modest goal.

Tops on the list for Brian Nelson, 26, of Leesburg, is to upgrade to an electric toothbrush, Florida lottery officials said in a news release.


  1. One of the very first winners of the then new lottery in Florida used some of his winnings to replace the roof on his single wide trailer.

  2. This goes under the heading of "Nobody's damned business what I do with my money, including my fiancee of one month." Don't underestimate Florida Man.

  3. One old couple won and the husband said the first thing he'd do was to buy a car for his wife with power windows. "No more roll-up windows for her," he said. God bless the both of them.

  4. Talk about luck!

    First I win the lottery, and now my girlfriend wants us to get back together!

    All in the same week!


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