Thursday, October 14, 2021

"Oh, your shit's cold? Let me warm it up for you"

OCTOBER 8--A drive-thru dispute at a Wendy’s in Tennessee turned felonious when a restaurant manager doused a customer with hot oil, leaving the victim with burns and extensive blistering, police allege.

Demarrus Pritchett, a 21-year-old shift manager, is facing an aggravated assault charge following a confrontation Tuesday at a Wendy’s in Huntingdon, a town about 115 miles west of Nashville.


  1. And when the lawsuits begin, Wendy's will pay the price for hiring Demarrus in the first place. Bad enough that he was an employee, but a shift-manager.

    1. A "good lawyer" will argue that the defendant was merely attempting to "reheat the french fries" in a portable manner by delivering the hot oil to the bag of french fries when the accused moved the bag out of his line of sight! It was a problem of communication and teamwork!

  2. Demarrus. Doomed by his parents choice of names and the self-adoption of a culture of failure.

  3. I read his first name and immediately knew this was a black guy. They all have really stupid names as a tell ... especially the girls. Lakisha, laverana, Michaliqua etc.

  4. Reason 913 why I never, ever eat fast food in Dindutown. Look at the evil smile on his face.

  5. "I'm not trapped in here with're trapped in here with ME!"


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