Monday, October 18, 2021

Treats That Will Make Your Hens Lay More Eggs

Healthy, happy hens lay more eggs. Has it been proven scientifically? I don’t know, but from my experience, a healthy hen will produce more eggs than an unhealthy, miserable chicken. Chicken treats can make your hens happy and healthy.


  1. My hens go nuts for bread soaked in milk.

    1. My birds' favorite treats are anything red - watermelon, tomato, red cabbage.

  2. My chickens are free to roam 24/7.
    We live on a couple hundred acres grain farm. They don't stray more than a hundred feet from their house.
    We don't hardly ever buy feed. Just a few winter months.
    I let my dog eat all the eggs he wants, and he keeps any living thing away or dead.
    I'm fortunate. This is the only prepper thing I do that doesn't take much work.
    Eggs are a good replenishable food.
    I urge every Patriot to do this.
    I have an incubator but it's easier to just let the hens do it.
    I think they really enjoy being mom.


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