Thursday, October 21, 2021

Try and do a good deed...

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A DoorDash delivery driver’s attempt to save a life wound up turning him into a crime victim himself. 

Brandon Augst has cuts and scabs on his legs, along with some gnarly road rash across his back. “It hurts a lot,” said the 21-year-old from North Branch, Minnesota.


  1. Sooo... the popo were on the scene and the suspect steals the car - so he never left the scene AND stole a car, attempted to murder the car owner - all right in front of police - who still couldn't catch him...

    Did I get that right?


  2. This is a good man, who is surrounded by cowards and cretins. He should move to a place where he would be among his own kind....maybe a Red State where Constitutional Carry is the law.

  3. My guess, the perp was black and the officers didn’t want the Derek Chauvin treatment.

  4. I was in MN this week, let me tell you MN 'Nice' don't exist in Minneapolis, there's a lot of crime in the cities


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