Thursday, November 25, 2021

Anything to get out of the next class

Video shows police officers in Little Elm using stun guns and chemical spray on students inside Little Elm High School Friday after being called to "calm things down" after an on-campus protest turned "disruptive."


  1. We just had to get by the "Pottie Guardian", known as "Cerberos", but if you did, you were home free. Met a lot of guys wearing short skirts, carrying a shield and a spear.

  2. ... at the end of the video: " The demonstration started as a result of an inaccurate social media posts..."
    Fcking twatbook sent some kids into a tizzy, and now the cops are racist?
    Man... I did _NOT_ have to deal with this kind of shit when I was in school. You fought at the flagpole at 330, or you kept your mouth shut.

  3. Whatever happened to the good old days when a coproach could rap on you with a baton? Those kiddies don't know how good they have it these days. Ohio Guy

  4. My junior year of HS, we'd moved from the west coast to the midwest. Fights were one on one, usually after school, or in the end zone during football games, where I came from.
    In my new school while sitting in class, everyone got up and bolted out the door. They left me sitting there, alone and bewildered, staring at the teacher. A fight had erupted by the cafeteria and everyone except me heard the call to arms. Police were called a couple times a year, to get control of the entire student body and multiple fights that were spawned during one of these events, as I was to learn.
    The riots were often along racial lines. Black kids strutting with canes was not a fashion statement.


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