Monday, November 29, 2021

In other words, it ain't shit

As I reported on Friday, the Biden administration is restricting travel from eight African countries beginning Monday, after a new "variant of concern," known as omicron, was detected in South Africa. While there have been some extreme reactions, such as from Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY), who already signed an emergency order for New York State, the symptoms appear to be "so different," and "so mild." This is what Dr. Angelique Coetzee, the South African doctor who informed the country's vaccine advisory committee, told The Telegraph. 


  1. Aye, it ain't shit, but wait - there's more

  2. Watch the other hand. What is this stealing the limelight from?

  3. From what I've read on what I consider legitimate, independent sources this new variation of China flu isn't anything to overly worry about. Yes it's a flu virus so it's not totally harmless but it's not a scary one either.
    We all know the hype is about to project and lies told but then that's all they do about everything.
    Be intelligent about your life and move on with your purpose.

  4. Yawn... Where have I read this script before?
    It's LESS harmful and LESS deadly, so of course we need to lock the whole f'cking world down again. Worked so well to stop the spread last time, right?
    What's amazing to me is half the people are stupid enough they go along with it!!! You seriously can't tell you're being played at this point? REALLY?! You're that dumb you can't see it?

  5. So when Trump stopped immigration from mostly Muslim countries, to prevent infection, that was bad, but when Biden stops immigration from mostly black countries, to prevent infection, that is good?

  6. What's the point when people can just book a flight to Mexico and waltz across the southern border!

  7. ..."it's a much milder infection", but, but, but we still encourage you get the death jab and all of the current boosters. Oh and we'll have another death jab booster for this variant in a couple weeks, a month or so tops, that we'll be flogging to the public on every TV and radio station and in print ads throughout the world.

    These people STILL think we're stupid.


  8. Obamacron variant?
    Ain't askeert. :)

  9. A mild but more contagious version could spread and end up conferring immunity from COVID in general on the entire population. This could put a stop to the whole agenda. They must stop its spread at all costs.

  10. What is there to worry about? Aren't they all like quad, tripple, eleventy vaccinated. Should be good to go.

  11. Call me when the Omega variant shows up...



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