Thursday, November 25, 2021

More news you could give a shit less about

The former Oklahoma zookeeper known as “Tiger King” Joe Exotic, a prominent figure in a Netflix documentary series, has been transferred to a medical facility in North Carolina for federal inmates after a cancer diagnosis, according to his attorney.


  1. I heard people talk about that, I heard about The Tiger King. I know it's a Thing for some people,, I'm comfortable with my absolute ignorance of any and all details. I've heard of Pokemon,, and know as much about that as tiger dude.
    Cancer? Sorry to hear it. I can think of several hundred who surely deserve it more and bigger.

  2. It was an interesting series, in kind of a severe white trash soap opera train wreck gotta back up traffic cause I'm going slow down and look at the car crash way. I personally think, based on what was shown, that Joe was set up and probably doesn't deserve the jail time for the murder for hire. Probably does deserve some time for animal cruelty and neglect. If it hadn't of been for lockdowns, probably 90% of the people that watched it wouldn't have watched it. The right show at the right time. But yeah, complete white trash train wreck.

  3. Well if this isn't news worthy there's always Covid.

  4. Well if this isn't news worthy there's always Covid. It's also better than anything about BLM or Al Sharpton...just sayin.

  5. Actually, Kenny, you're wrong. I couldn't give a shit less.
    --Tennessee Budd


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