Thursday, December 02, 2021

Cook County goes for the Gold Medal

COOK COUNTY, Ill. - With 1,009 recorded homicides to date, 2021 is on-pace to be among the worst years for homicides in Cook County history. 

"I've never seen 1,000 homicides for the whole 17 years I've been in this office," said Ponni Arunkuma, Cook County's Chief Medical Examiner.


  1. 29 days still left in 2021!

  2. I grew up on a farm in Cook County, way back in the late 4o's 50's & early 60's. It was run by the domcommie mob back then and offered to as "Crook County". Still run by demolcommies, still just as corrupt as it's always been. the only thing that has changed is the crime rate increases, and then number of the year changes. You can't change the outcome of anything unless you change the source, or cause, creating the outcome. This ain't rocket science.

  3. That number doesn't come close to keeping up with their population inflation. When the total number of blacks in that population shows a decrease due to the slaughter via shootings, stabbings, ODs, and abortions only then will they make corrections. Right now the number of blacks, minus the annual murder rate is still much greater than net sum zero. Obviously this rate is not a problem; Bill Gates and et al see this as a self correcting feature.

  4. Well at least their shooting accuracy is improving.

    1. That or their Emergency Medical Services.

      Judging by numbers, Chitcongo should top 800 homicides sometime this weekend.
      Nice going, Groot.

  5. A tip to working in the Southside. Start early, leave the area before 12 noon. Go to your favorite tavern, get the hell out of town before the locals get out of bed.

  6. The more "multicultural" a city becomes, diverse it gets.

    Thank you, try the veal.

  7. 3 murders a day!



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