Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Inside federal prisons, employees are committing the crimes

WASHINGTON (AP) — More than 100 federal prison workers have been arrested, convicted or sentenced for crimes since the start of 2019, including a warden indicted for sexual abuse, an associate warden charged with murder, guards taking cash to smuggle drugs and weapons, and supervisors stealing property such as tires and tractors.


  1. This is shit that happens in third-world countries. This is beyond humiliating.

  2. Notice how the strongly worded statements of enforcement and 'core values' don'tmatch thw actual (alleged) conduct.

    Can't let this go by; '...where financier Jeffrey Epstein killed himself...'
    HAHAHA whoo boy HAHAHA

  3. Yeah - worked as a prison guard for a while. At one point, everyone from captain up through the warden were told that if they quit and left the state they would not be prosecuted.
    I was basically told once that the prison would never call me for a witness in any trial because I would tell the truth. They didn't trust me to tell lies, and thought that was a demerit.

  4. FedGov is both incompetent and corrupt. The prisons simply follow the leadership.

  5. And this is new somehow?

    Now look at comm-centers and police record room employees. Deshawnita in Comms or Records is passing info to her boyfriend/brother/cousin/dealer who's paying her big time. Well known throughout law enforcement, never trust Comm Center or Records with, well, Comm Calls and Records.

    Easy to find. Just look for the low-paid employee who has a really nice car.

    And, sadly, guess the race.

    1. ^^^^^THIS

      Early 90s, I was team medic on SWAT in NW LA. Our initial SOP was to notify 911 of operations just before ….. and we started coming up dry. Changed our SOP to just notifying the local air medical pilot (directly, not through flight comms). We became “productive” again.

      Though the “war on drugs” thing was an abysmal failure, even back then. The only thing that history really shows is that humans fail to learn the lessons of history.


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