Friday, December 03, 2021

Son of the Year

FOX 2 - A Troy man who allegedly shot and killed his mother while she drove them home from a Thanksgiving Eve family dinner was charged Monday with 12 felony charges related to the shooting. 


Poor guy looks all heartbroken in the mugshot.


  1. Just another Hood Rat - a waste of oxygen.

  2. He looks more annoyed than heartbroken.

  3. Troy eh? You can take the boy out of Detroit, but you can't take the Detroit out of the boy.

  4. I'is tol da bitch ta shuts up. What ya all think? A 5000 dollar bond cuz it's only human to let him attend his mama's funeral an all.

  5. He was pissed because momma wouldn't drive him to the smash & grab party his hommies were holding at Nordstroms.

  6. The real shame about this is that no one is talking about the back story.He was a good boy who never hurt anyone accidentally and mom was taking him to the community center to get his GED and after that, Harvard medical school where he was going to train as a brain surgeon and then open up a storefront clinic where he could devote his talents to radical new procedures such as putting a monkeys brain into a sub-human. So far it looks promising.

  7. He probably lived the furtherest out and wanted to be dropped off first, and Mama didn't agree.

  8. Cut him some slack.
    He is an orphan.

    1. About 8 feet of slack for a 12-foot drop seems about right.


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