Friday, December 03, 2021

TN Education Dept. lists 14 race, history concepts that cannot be taught in classrooms

TENNESSEE (WATE) — The Tennessee Department of Education is tweaking a new set of rules covering what can and what can’t be taught when it comes to race and history in classrooms. 

Those topics have been at the center of lots of debate around the country. While the term critical race theory isn’t used in the guidelines for Tennessee schools, you may have heard it in connection with the issue. A draft of new rules came out in August after a bill passed in the General Assembly and the public had a chance to weigh in.


  1. Let the yowling (mostly from out-of-state sources) commence.

  2. That's a fair and clearly stated list. It hits the CRT bs squarely. Now let's dredge ALL of the textbooks used, and disqualify them if they cross these lines. They will. And monitor lessons for the same problem- which will happen. Good law; now it needs to be enforced. A few heads on pikes will make it more real.

  3. :)
    I do like my state. Hate living in the capital, but enjoy the state.
    -Just A Chemist


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