Friday, December 03, 2021

US Marines Call in a Shield of Fire: Battle of the Hook

 At the height of the Korean War, the United States and its United Nations allies successfully pushed back the North Korean and Chinese armies that threatened to take over South Korea.

However, this was not enough to stop the restless Chinese forces. Using overwhelming force and plenty of artillery, the Communists seized control of six outposts guarded by the outgunned and outmanned US Marines in October of 1952.

And just when everything seemed lost, and the Chinese were about to march into Seoul, the surviving Marines regrouped for one desperate last stand at a point known as the Hook.

The outcome of the Korean War now rested on their shoulders.

VIDEO HERE  (9 minutes)


  1. Watched it. Lots of hell dished out over there. Sad of mankind to be able to kill each other.

  2. Semper Fi, honor and courage was common. 70 years later a few brave Marines have regrouped and have made a stand against the commie vaccine assholes.

  3. Bravo to those men. The 38th was hell on earth. Someone wrote they learned this in the military. Me too. The Marine history was part of the package. I was on Parris Island, boot camp, in 68. I wonder if this history is still taught.

  4. Semper Fi. A member of our North Georgia Honor Guard, Jack McCorkle, was at the Chosin Reservoir, and later in Viet Nam. At 90, he is going strong and an inspiration to our unit and the Corps. Typical of a loud mouthed Master Gunnery Sergeant he has never stopped barking. Loved and respected by all.

  5. 1948.
    Nuke peking to radioactive sand.
    Am I right?

  6. Last actual war where the Marines and other branches were allowed to shine and perform as they were intended. Every single action, police action, intervention, skirmish, action against terror, or whatever you want to call it has been hamstrung by politics, and most generally in places we had no business being in to begin with.


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