Friday, December 03, 2021

Your Feel-Good Story of the Day

CLEARWATER, Fla. - Eleven years ago, William "Big Will" Dunn set out on a mission to help a young child growing up without a father figure. He turned to the one thing that brought him peace as a kid: fishing. 

Since then, Dunn has dedicated his life to helping foster children and those who are growing up without a father figure by taking them on fishing excursions in Clearwater, Florida, through his nonprofit Take a Kid Fishing Inc. 

Dunn has worked with thousands of children as part of the fishing program, but it all started with one very important child: Cameron Delong, who was 8 years old at the time.


  1. Still haven't remembered to change the furnace filter. Awfully dusty in here. My eyes are watering. That's a good man there.


  2. Thanks, this story is a good read to start my day with

  3. This is a great story, and one about a man who hasn't wasted his life.
    There are lots of reasons why what he does has a positive affect on these kids, but I wont go into a lengthy explanation about what I believe they are, because I had a very extensive surgery on my right shoulder, and am now limited to only being able to type with left hand only (I am right handed) so have to keep this short.
    Good for you, Mr. Dunn and keep it up.....

    Tim in AK

  4. F the salvation army, give your money to this guy!

    1. Good point. I try to give my donations to people and places that I know will do things that directly help others. Not spending it on bloated salaries and ad campaigns. And this guy figured it out a long time ago, that helping others is priceless.

  5. I remember the great times we have had fishing with our daughter as a young'un and now her son and daughter. Definitely teaches an old grouch some patience!
    Great citizen, and great story!

  6. Few years back I volunteered me and my boat for Ft. Carson take a kid fishing at lake pueblo. The kids loved it and we caught walleye. Figure these kids prolly never before handled a fishing pole and got super excited to pull a fish out of the water. Great program. Great story. There is still good stuff going on out there like this.

  7. Beautiful story, however it's sad to see how many Black & Hispanic kids evidently don't have a Dad.

  8. Sure, you take a few hundred kids fishing and you're a hero, but send thousands 'em camping or for a walk in the woods, and you're a fuckin' monster!
    - Zombie Heinrich Himmler

    (I hereby denounce myself)


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