Monday, January 17, 2022

40,000 Confederates Assembled at 1914 Veterans Convention

 On this season premiere of the Civil War Diaries we visit with the Confederate Veterans Convention of 1914 in Jacksonville Florida. 40,000 Confederate Veterans assembled.  Aging veterans dance to the music of two fiddlers and gather to the parade on foot, by horse, or in cars. Also shown are crowd scenes, general views of the camp with its tents, an emergency medical tent staffed by the Red Cross, and thousands of veterans dining together in a mess tent. Scenes from the Sons of Confederate Veterans Parade include marching bands, a passing electric street car, and the Forrest Cavalry of Tennessee, named after Confederate cavalry general Nathan Bedford Forrest. Also shown is  F.M. Iremonger, said to be the youngest living Confederate veteran.

VIDEO HERE  (17 minutes)

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