Monday, January 24, 2022

Are we permitted to point out the obvious yet about the Covid-19 vaccines?

The Covid-19 vaccines are looking less like a miracle of modern science and more like typical government fare: Shoddy and overpriced. 

You've likely heard this adage:


  1. Triple shots, plus masking, and weekly testing. Follow the money, it's not rocket science. All made in China.

    1. Yeah, but the big guy gets 10%.

  2. The situation with this whole virus BS is beyond stupid, it is now criminal.

    From two weeks to flatten the curve, to masks aren't helpful, to you really need two masks, to the jab will protect you from getting infected, to well maybe you won't die and you need a booster, no two boosters no three, four.

    What ... The ... F*ck

    The really sad thing about this? Even with all of the lies above, which is only a partial list, there is STILL a majority of the population that believe the bbbooolllssshhhiiittt that's being fed them on a daily basis.

    Just on this basis alone the country is well and truly done, finito, ain't coming back.


  3. Ahhh, sweet eternal truths, universal axioms, and reliable reality.
    I shall never tire of hearing "...fully-vaccinated...".
    Because, apparently, the old normal was 'partially-vaccinated', a situation I was blissfully unaware of until the guiding lights in our quite-trustable TheMainStreamMedia brought it to my attention...


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