Thursday, January 27, 2022

Meanwhile, in the shithole I moved from.....

CERES, Calif. — A Ceres police officer was stabbed on Saturday night while attempting to apprehend a robbery suspect, Ceres police said. 

Ceres police officers responded to the Quick Stop in the 1300 block of Service Road for a robbery that just took place. No weapons were initially displayed in the robbery, Ceres police said.


  1. "...booked into jail at the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center" -

    That must be New Speak for the Stanislaus County Jail.
    Next they'll be calling arrestees "Guests'.

    1. That was pretty much my reaction when I read about them naming it that.
      They still have (or had, when I moved) the old jail downtown, but the SCPSC is located out on Hatch Road. It had some court buildings, the Women's Jail, the Doggy Jail and Juvenile Hall out there, and if they haven't already done it, I'm sure they'll add on the men's jail.


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