Friday, January 28, 2022

Oh, you poor, poor thing!

TikToker Jack Wright has accused fellow social media star Sienna Mae Gomez of sexual assault after video shows her apparently straddling, groping and kissing him while he was incapacitated.


  1. To address this issue as intellectually as possible. She can play with my cock any time she wants to. Twice on Sunday.

  2. Equality!

    One part of me says "Man, I wish women had ever wanted to do stuff like that with me", another part says "if the roles were reversed, he'd be getting eviscerated online and be facing serious jail time". So I hope the book gets thrown at her, good and hard. The whole "we wand equality when it's to our advantage, and feminine privilege when *that's* to our advantage" shtick really needs to die.

  3. One of two things; kid hasn't had poon since poon had him or he couldn't get a nut. Whatever, my heart pumps purple p**s for him.

  4. The end result of the feminist's fight against toxic masculinity.
    Passed out at a party? Fuckin' amateur.

  5. Women have for years claimed sexual harassment against any man who they find unattractive. A man who they DO find attractive, women will claim "Oh, he can do that to me anytime"
    Let the woman in this story be a 400 pound Michelle Obama lookalike, and see how everyone feels then.
    So for this case, I say good for the guy involved. If we want the rules to change so women stop weaponizing sexual harassment laws, we need women to realize how stupid and arbitrary they are.

  6. OK so I'm probably going to take some crap for this but:
    Sexual assault is just that, women get away with it all the time and it's past time to hold them accountable. If a guy can be charged with it then so can a girl..
    When I worked the bar scene I saw females do things for attention that no guy could get away with, some bitch just kiss you or grab your junk and then she'll call you gay/queer if you objected. It doesn't matter if she's hot as fire or butt ugly, if she does something expecting to get away with it she's in the wrong.

  7. Apparently a recurring problem. Sauce for the goose.


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