Friday, January 28, 2022

The Curious Murder of Manny Clements

The 1908 Christmas holidays weren’t good for Manny Clements. In fact, the year’s end brought about his end as well. 

That Manny would have a violent death should be no surprise. His Texas gunthrower father, Emmanuel Sr., died in an 1887 shoot-out. The baddest shootist of all, John Wesley Hardin, was Manny’s first cousin once removed. And his sister, Sally, married assassin “Killin’” Jim Miller.


  1. Had to look up Killin' Jim Miller. He was lynched in a stable in Ada, Oklahoma, in 1909, with two or three others for killing a retired US Deputy Marshall. Some people need killing.

    1. I wonder if they were hung simultaneously or if they saved Miller for last.

      I like the crowd of townsfolk enjoying the day's entertainment.

    2. He was the last to hang according to this article:

      The streets of Ada were eerily dark at about 2:30 a.m. when the mob dragged the prisoners from the jail to the barn, just 30 feet away. Some of the vigilantes had forced an engineer at the power company to switch off power to the streetlights. The mob must have used lanterns to light the barn. Whether the four men uttered any final words is not known, but Deputy Goyne later recalled Miller had not spoken, explaining, “I ought to know, because I hung him.” This is the same Goyne who had stated after the lynching that the mob had tied him up at the jailhouse. In any case the four men were soon swinging from the rafters, each in turn, with Miller going last. In the low light their suspended bodies cast grotesque shadows.

  2. Yup. The local judges and the DA pulled the same shit current day judges and DAs are pulling. The locals got real tired of that shit, and hanged the four. The crime rate dropped radically after the lynching, and I'm assuming the judges and prosecutors actually started doing their fucking jobs. Maybe it's time for history to repeat itself?


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