Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Your Tuesday Morning Florida Report

Two Florida women are each facing a felony burglary charge after allegedly perpetrating a 3 AM glitter attack on a male victim, police report. 

Investigators say Sarah Franks, 29, and Kaitlin O’Donovan, 27, arrived early yesterday morning at the Clearwater residence of Jacob Colon and began arguing with him while he was standing on his fenced balcony.


  1. They look pretty damn contrite don't they?

  2. Maybe contrite, maybe pride. Hard to tell, but they do seem happy about it.

  3. So I with my vast experience with crazy women I conclude Franks was an ex of some sort that probably got played or cheated on. There's him on his balcony arguing with them at 3am so Frank's and her co-conspirator then got some sort of payback and this is the result. This is a textbook example of why you never put your dick in crazy, it could have gone a lot worse

  4. I have one functional lung.
    I avoid airborne particulate.
    Throwing glitter near my face would be attempted murder, and requires lethal force to prevent.

  5. Dear God, Please spare me from the mating rituals of others.


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