Thursday, May 19, 2022

Joe Biden vs. We the People

The Biden Administration last June unveiled its “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.” Despite its anodyne-sounding name, the “national strategy” was anything but anodyne. The pamphlet represented the logical culmination of the Left’s cynical use of the January 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol riot as a means of ginning up large-scale, nationwide anti-Republican/anti-Trump voter sentiment.

The result, evinced again by Attorney General Merrick Garland’s disgraceful October 2021 memo directing the FBI to intrude on local school board meetings and crack down on anti-critical race theory parental revolts, has been a roiling cold war waged by the ruling class against us “deplorables” and our political “wrong-think.”

Now, seven months after Garland’s infamous October 4 memo, the better question to ask is not whether Joe Biden is engaged in a cold war merely against the “deplorables.” We know the answer to that is yes. Instead, the more relevant question is whether the Biden Administration is now engaged in a cold war against a broader target: the entire American citizenry.


  1. Biden isn't just after the right, his actions are gonna screw everyone. Some are so brainwashed that they will think they like the results. What a fucker up world we are living in and we aren't even close to the bottom yet. Stolen election, dementia patient installed as president, hooker riding shotgun to him. Where the fuck are any Republicans to fight for us. They are all just the other side of the same coin

  2. I think what obama/biden admin is doing is entirely different than the Jan 6th persecutions. I think the jan 6th jailings are a warning shot by pelosi and rinos (mcconnell, mccarthy, gop rnc, etc) to people who question the election and/or support Trump. They have the FBI (if you look at their lapels they dont have "SS" but "PP" for "pelosi pussies") to put anyone in jail and keep them there. GOP dont care because they are making a schiff load of money off it. Amazing how the GOP is will to turn this country into a shit hole to protect their gravy train. Trump threaten that by calling out Pence, mcconnell, paul ryan, mccarthy and list of others.
    Obama/biden (everyone knows biden is a vegetable and cant make a decision) want to open the US to global control (mainly china). They are trying to screw everything up so the government must control everything when they try to repair it. Medical is already under WHO control when they declare an emergency. Oil is being shutdown. California drained their lakes to shutdown California farms. Feritilizer is going to impossible to get. Gas and coal power is being shutdown, South border is opened up to flood the country with third world people and diseases. Food production sites are being attacked. Violent criminals being re-released to streets after being caught. Vaccination that does not work and only thing it does do is negative side affects. GOP does not care because they make campaign money off it. GOP politicians see themselves helping with the reset.

  3. WestcoastDeplorableMay 19, 2022 at 9:13 PM

    Please excuse my bluntness, but this motherfucker wants to kill us to make way for the "Great Reset" where 1/3 of us will be dead, no food will be available (for us), and the currency will be worthless. This isn't investment advice, since just surviving this will be the most valuable investment. This will get ugly before we get back to peaceful times.

  4. The gun buyback programs have started to purge potential terrorists. Look at Morris County - $300 a gun.
    One guy handed in his H&K MP5 for...yes...just $300. Makes a grown man cry.


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