Wednesday, May 18, 2022

No Regrets: JB Mauney

 Perhaps the greatest cowboy ever to sit on the back of an angry 2000 pound bull, JB's approach has never been to play it safe, never take the easy way, and even if it cost him big time - from championships to injuries -  by picking the toughest bull around. He did things his way and has never looked back.  It's earned him two world-championships but more importantly, the respect of PBR fans worldwide and a constant evolving legacy as a true cowboy.

VIDEO HERE  (12 minutes)


  1. Top of the hill badass. No doubt.

  2. He was my Late Father's Favorite bullrider (Mine Too)

  3. Reason he is so well liked is from his attitude and outlook on like. You be you and JB will be JB. You don't like it, tough shit. The individuals of the world needs more of this attitude, instead of the cowardly passive give it all away attitude they currently embrace.
    The only sports I can consistently watch out of all sports played is Rodeo & PBR. they are both infectious and suck you in.
    Scuse me I've gotta go;


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