Thursday, May 12, 2022

Randy Weaver dead at 74

Randy Weaver, the man involved in the Ruby Ridge Standoff, has died at the age of 74. 
 According to a post by his daughter, Sarah, he passed away Wednesday.


  1. Meanwhile, Lon Horiuchi is still breathing warm air.

    Rest in Peace, Randy.

    1. A big thanks to Bill Barr for Lon walking, it's a big dirty club and the world is a ghetto or soon to be...

    2. The cowardly SOB is still in hiding isn't he?

    3. That little jap Horiuchi spends everyday knowing he murdered an innocent woman and a little boy. And when his life is over...the lake of fire awaits him for an eternity. Plenty of FBI pukes looking forward to the same end too.

    4. The murderer Horiuchi breathes, and laughs at those who did nothing to hold him accountable. Every day.

  2. God Speed Dude-you already did any time you had coming in Hell right here on earth.

  3. Dirty Dingus McGeeMay 12, 2022 at 3:03 PM

    I met Randy in I think 2001. Here in Ga a friend had organized a poker run called The T and A Poker Run from Hell (all the stops were at strip clubs). He invited Randy to it, as Randy was in the area selling his book about Ruby Ridge. One of his daughters drove his van with the books, Randy rode on a borrowed RoadKing. Real good dude to talk to.

    On to Valhalla good sir. Godspeed.

  4. Anybody who thinks that the U.S. Army (and/or FBI+) will not fire on and kill American citizens who pose no threat ...

  5. God Bless bless him

    Hell is waiting for you Ron, you coward

  6. Randy and his family opened America's eyes to the lying US government and the sleaze bags that our politicians really are. Do Not trust any Federal agency!! RIP

  7. There is the true reason the stars and stripes is at half staff today.

  8. Peace, Brother. Enjoy the family you've missed for so long.
    lon horiuchi, come out from under your rock, we've forgot all about you...

  9. I met Randy at a gun show years ago. We struck up a conversation about motorcycles and deer hunting in Wisconsin. He seemed to be a stand up good guy..
    Until Valhalla!

  10. Just more invasive controls. Our domestic marxists are just itching to do the same. More and more every day it reads like 'Atlas Shrugged' or 'Crazy Eddie'. Gas prices too high? Lets cut production. Shortage of something? let's erect more regulation. Resurgent terrorist group? let's bugout and give them $10 Billion of our best military hardware, including a complete flight simulator. Economy teetering on recession? lets jack interest rates and spend our way into hyperinflation. Crime increasing, let's stop punishing criminals. Parents unhappy about schooling, lets cram in even MOAR pedophile-like grooming. Russia invades a former territory, let's fuck around with nuclear war. Want to go to Mars oh look here's some more environmental review delays. Want to make Twitter free and fair, here's a few investigations and a Ministry of Truth.
    Want secure borders? Nah, let's turn Border Patrol and ICE into a concierge / travel agency and remove ALL restrictions such that 18,000 invaders PER DAY cross our borders.

    It becomes increasingly more obvious every day that the huge mass of progressive-Marxist swine embedded in our governments are totalitarian nihilists that want to tear this Republic down, to utterly destroy the status quo that made this nation great and they want to see most of us impoverished or dead and preferably both. WHEN do we start destroying these people? Do we wait until the country is irreversibly destroyed? Until we are impoverished, starved adn deathly ill / untreated, before we feebly claw back at them?

    If we continue upon this path of inaction, we will never be stronger than we are today.

  11. God bless Randy Weaver, his wife, and his son.

  12. I think that the Ruby Ridge incident really was the first bell ringing, at least for me, in what would become my alarm as to what would become a virtual claxon of warning of what the not only was capable of doing, but of what they were quite willing to actually DO!
    Of course, there is also Waco that we can look to, with the Feds burning a compound full of not only armed men, but also women and children, over a few machine guns, that were not harming anyone.
    Then we could look to Oklahoma City and the bombing of the Federal building. There are so many questions that remain about the truth of what happened, that it could fuel conspiracy theorists for decades, and likely will.
    Just to recall a couple of things that always stuck in my craw, if I were going to go to the trouble of blowing up a federal building to make a statement, I of course would want to get away scot free, in order to watch and see how effective it was, and to see how the government acted and how they attempted to catch me. So that would mean that my getaway vehicle would have to be in perfect shape, with all brake lights, turn signals, etc. in working order. And then I would not do anything to draw attention to myself and get stopped by the police, on my way away from the scene.
    Actually, it didn't make much difference as to how Tim McVeigh acted, because the entire thing had to be a set up from the beginning. Because it is such a stretch about so many things, including the great luck to just happen to find the one part of the chassis of the rental truck that had the VIN number stamped into it.
    I figure that the feds either were working with McVeigh and Nicholls, or they were watching them the whole time. And we see now that the FBI is no longer happy to wait for other nutjobs to do the same thing, and to wait them out, until they can sweep in like the cavalry, just in the nick of time. So they find some POS and pay them to stoke the fire, so to speak. Like here in Michigan, they find a couple of guys that are anti government, start drinking at the bar or maybe go shooting with them, and pump them up with big talk, and we see the results of that.
    And so we end up with a mother and a son dead, and a man's life turned inside out, all to make a statement in the opening salvo of what might turn out to be the first shot over the bow of freedom. The government seemed to be showing that if these patriot types drew the attention of the major news outlets, eventually they would have their death warrant signed, and so it was with Lavoy Finicum. We all know the story, so I won't go on. I can only pray that Randy Weaver finds peace with his departed loved ones. May Randy and Lavoy's memories be forever cherished by those that they left behind.

  13. the real reason he moved his family up into the woods? lies about airborne AIDS.

    worked on by vladimir putin in the KGB, spread by dr.fauchi, and parroted by Bo Gritz.

  14. Randy and his family along with Gordon Kahl and his family sure opened the eyes of those paying attention.

    Our government will kill its own people all day long and laugh at you. WACO was just incase we missed the message of the first two incidents.


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