Monday, May 23, 2022

Shipping Crisis Hits California’s Walnut Industry

WOODLAND (CBS13) — Bulldozers are taking down acres of trees in a Yolo County orchard that’s grown walnuts for years. 

California is known worldwide for its walnuts — producing 720,000 tons last year alone. But right now, some growers are giving up on the classic California crop.


I used to love driving to work past walnut orchard after walnut orchard when I first started out at Safeway's warehouse. Big stately trees, always nice and cool under the canopies.
As the years went past, there were fewer and fewer of them, although it didn't have anything to do with shipping, money being the culprit when nut farmers realized the profits to be made with almonds instead.


  1. Fuck Joe Biden!

  2. Fuck almonds, I wonder what the deal with them is. They aren't tasty like a walnut.

  3. This happens when you have nuts run the country.

  4. Walnuts are much healthier and much tastier and gorgeous trees... but their wood has very high BTU and market value. Goddammittalltohell. -nines

    1. And their root wads make for some gorgeous rifle stock blanks.

  5. Walnut rifle stocks. Anyone?

  6. I miss those big orchards. I have fond memories of picking em up off the ground, putting them into burlap bags, and stacking em for drying. The whole family would get together on winder nights to watch TV in front of the fire and shuck walnuts to can.

  7. My uncle had a 70 year old black walnut tree in the corner of his 35 acre pecan orchard. Back in the early 90's a furniture company in NC made my uncle an offer on the tree. The furniture company had 8 guys that took a week to take down that tree. They took every stick larger than a quarter of an inch. My uncle suddenly had a new top of the line 4x4 pickup, GoldWing motorcycle, and his wife had a new Cadillac. He sold 5 acres of pecan trees every year for the next 7 years to the furniture company. He made the comment that the walnut tree was worth more than 10 acres of pecan trees.

  8. Walnut hulls are used to polish my brass prior to reloading

  9. "Cool under the canopies."
    And there, in four succinct words, are why I appreciate your wisdom, Friend.

  10. That's fucking nuts.

  11. I make porridge with half oats and half walnuts in a blender. I'm a T2 diabetic and this porridge has a lower carb content than regular porridge. It's also really tasty.


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