Friday, May 27, 2022

Truck driver loses back wheels by driving over concrete pillars

DORAL, Fla. - There are "Florida drivers"… and then there's this guy. 

A semi-truck driver apparently got a little impatient while struggling to clear safety barriers on a turn – and caused some pretty severe damage to his rig in the process.


  1. Saw this vid on another site and thought it should be titled "fuck this job"

  2. Yes, he definitely said take this job and shove it.

  3. Future driver for Swift.

    1. I was wondering if he/she/it drove for Swift.

  4. Replies
    1. I've worked with plenty of macho men that would have done the same thing. And to a man, after they had pulled a stunt like that they would have come up with a reason why it wasn't their fault.

  5. "It could happen to anybody."
    I worked with a guy who would say that every time a bonehead truck driver fucked up epically like this.
    In 30 years, I've never lost control or showed my ass like this.
    It takes a special kind of stupid...


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