Friday, June 24, 2022

Well, that's fucked up

The pet monkey of a drug gang member – dressed up in a bulletproof vest and camouflaged jacket – has been killed in a bloody shootout which also left 11 other cartel members dead. 

Its owner – a young man in his 20s said to be in Mexico’s notorious La Familia Michoaacana criminal group – was found dead from several gunshot wounds with the monkey lying on his chest.


  1. No it isn't. I hate dirty, stinky, monkeys. I went to see one in a neighbors yard and it climbed up on my forearm. It sat there, looking at me, and I was amused. Then, it started rubbing its ass on my arm....I knocked the little asshole off, and it looked up at me completely offended, like (how dare you) and then proceeded to charge at me. I knocked it on its as with my folded up fishing pole. Good thing the stinking prick was on a leash is all I can say.

  2. Iran News Agency says the monkey was a Mossad-trained assassin.

  3. Well I’ll be a monkeys Tio❗️

  4. So you're saying the monkey was the capo? Right?


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