Monday, June 27, 2022

WiscoDave's posse



  1. It looks like a nice place to tarry a while, probably because it reminds me of the porches of my childhood.

  2. Im guessing the dog in the middle is in charge.

  3. A rugged looking crew. Where's the racoon?

  4. Ed, Lewis, Bobby and Drew. Each one has its own personality, I bet they’re fun. T.Rose

  5. L to R Klaus, Ripley, Rebel, and Stella. It is indeed a great place to tarry. As for the raccoon, he was unable to attend...

  6. Just got home so got to sit down
    Take a rest on the porch
    Pretty soon I'm singing
    Doo, doo, doo, looking out my back door

  7. Looks like a nice place to sit with a cooler of long necks

  8. I am guessing that the dogs are keeping an eye on the pig, to make sure that nobody steals it. My senior year of high school, just before the start of football season, one school had to cancel it's season, and we had to find another team to play, finally getting a game with a team 3 hours drive north just near the Mackinaw Bridge.
    It seems that half of the team was arrested for rustling pigs, and trying to sell them. Absolute truth, no shit. Now days, they have a hard time getting enough kids to play school sports due to meth, back in my days, it was pig rustling. Times have sure changed.

    1. Pigpen - you and yours are welcome anytime. Hell, I bet they'll even let you take a turn guarding Klaus.

  9. Well now that looks suspiciously like the posse running loose in "Second Hand Lions" (Duval & Caine), my favorite movie of all time.

  10. Mine, too.

    Followed by "The Wind and the Lion" (Connery & Bergen)

  11. redneck burglar alarm

  12. there was a time, not really long ago; when folks sat on their porch - visited with the neighbors, watched comings and goings in their neighborhoods, kept an eye on each others' kids, pets, and properties... in a larger sense, we had communities and cared about each other. Then, while we were at work and etc. being good/honest/hard working Americans - we continued, in the belief that was what everyone including TPTB - was doing...about the same. But, somewhere on the way from then to now, satan found a lot of selfish cock suckers willing to trade their souls for sparkley shit and fame, and satanic fools followed right along.
    To think that doesn't make me angry enough to choke them to death would be incorrect. The difficult part would be to stop laughing as I arrange for them meet their Creator. I can however, imagine the fire in His eyes as they stand in front of Him. Be blessed and be safe brothers and sisters. A time is coming, and now is...
    Original Grandpa
    p.s. this ol' fucker still sits on his porch every day


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