Friday, July 01, 2022

Covid Vaccines and Infertility

Why are birth rates plummeting in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Taiwan — nine months after mass covid vaccinations?


  1. The so-called COVID vax is making abortions completely obsolete.

  2. Mass murder. Their blood lust is so great they now want to torture those under five. The goal is population reduction.

  3. Ahahahahhahahaha.

    I have told at least 30 people who have looked at me like I am insane, Unvaccinated eggs and sperm will be the most valuable commodity on the planet.

    The damage is actually going to be recessive genetically. The children of two vaxxed parents will be almost completely sterile. The parents who vaxxed thier own children will of ended their genetic line.

    Steve in KY

    Laugh all you want. I know what I know.

    1. "What you know" apparently does not include an understanding of somatic vs germline genetics, nor the difference between male vs female meiosis in humans.

  4. A holocaust that will make all the genocides of the 20th century pale by comparison.


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