Tuesday, August 16, 2022

And he's STILL proclaiming his innocence

A frustrated Alec Baldwin insisted he did not pull the trigger of the gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his movie Rust, claiming again that the faulty gun fired on its own and that the 'only' question to ask is who put a live bullet in the stunt weapon. 

Baldwin is awaiting a decision from prosecutors in New Mexico who must decide whether or not he should be criminally charged over the accident that occurred last October.


  1. That strategy seems to work for all the other libtards...

  2. Whether any of the things that happened during any of the handling of weapons on the site prior to the shooting, or directly leading up to the shooting were negligent, accidental or intentional, the simple fact remains that Baldwyn provided the final several conditions that caused a fatality. He killed that woman and that's all there is to it. She's dead from a gunshot wound and the weapon was in his control when it happened, fucking period. Everything else is secondary and everything he's said about it since the event have been intended to muddy the waters and cast blame everywhere but where it belongs. I just see no other way to view it.

  3. So, by Baldwin's logic, if you don't load the gun you're not responsible if someone dies while you're holding it and pointing it at them.....


  4. Didn't pull the trigger? Must have pointed itself too.

  5. Clearly, he's guilty as sin.

    What I don't understand though, is how exactly, the FBI came to be involved in this case to begin with. This seems to me to be a local, or at most, a state matter. Unless the feds were asked for assistance by the state, where do they get any jurisdiction in this case.

    The state may have asked. I wouldn't know, because I honestly don't give a shit. Leftie shoots a couple of lefties. What's the problem?

  6. Its my understanding that movie sets require that any firearm given to an actor, said actor must personally inspect and verify if the weapon is loaded or empty. Baldwin didn't do this, and as the Producer he received extra training to do this, and enforce this onset for insurance purposes.

    1. No. the "talent" is expressly forbidden to fiddle with a prop gun after it has been handed to them. The armorer or his assistant gets the gun ready, loudly calls out its status (hot or cold), and hands it to the "talent". The talent, having been instructed and having rehearsed what to do with it during the upcoming shot (movie shot, not gun shot; and in Baldwin's case they were simply making sure the shot was framed correctly), does precisely that and hands it back.

  7. The fix is already in. The coroner ruled Halyna Hutchins' death was accidental in the last several days. The only thing left are civil suits of which there'll be many. However, they'll all most likely be settled out of court and life will go on for this asshole.


    1. Nemo, an accidental death can still be prosecuted as manslaughter.

    2. What are the Vegas odds of old Alec skipping out of the country to Thailand when the arrest warrant gets issued?

    3. "an accidental death can still be prosecuted as manslaughter."
      And should be so prosecuted.

      The general disagreement is whether that should be of known douchenozzle Baldwin, who broke no firearms handling rules on set;
      the PropTart who broke nearly every single one of them;
      her assistant who broke another huge bunch of them;
      or all of the above.

      I'd like to see the dimwit PropTart do the prison time as the primary criminally negligent party, but based purely on past performance, I'm betting the none-too-bright NM prosecutor punts, and files no criminal charges, and lets the plaintiffs and defendants fight this one out solely in civil court.

      I'd still content myself with the certainty that Baldwin can't open his fat yap about guns again for the rest of his natural life.
      That's still a win.

    4. But you're STILL saying the guy that played with the gun is basically completely innocent.....

    5. Aesop, you'd argue with a fucking rock and proclaim to be an expert in geology along with medicine, guns, politics and movie set protocol.

    6. 1) He wasn't "playing" with the gun. The scene called for him to point, cock, and fire the gun directly at the camera (with a prop gun incapable of chambering live ammo, and no live ammo in even the same zip code). He was rehearsing that scene when the incident occurred. That came out in witness affidavits released within 72-96 hours of the original incident, from him, the director who was wounded, and everyone else involved. Nobody was diving for cover, because he was doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing.

      2) Having pissed away a wee 25 years working productions on set, and being intimately concerned with safety every working day there, I have some expertise in the business. As I expect anyone else does after a similar span of time at any of their occupations.

      3) He's morally responsible, and he'll have to carry that forever, just like you or I would if a work truck either of us were driving had the brakes fail or the steering go out, and it killed someone. But just like that situation, you or I would be legally innocent, as Baldwin is in this instance. No matter how much you or I wish such a world-class anti-gun douchebag was totally culpable in every way, it simply isn't so.
      (If he'd been handling a known live gun with live rounds at a firing range like any other Joe Average, it's a whole different circumstance, and "any gunowner's" common sensibility would apply in that situation, which is exactly what this wasn't, in which neither a live weapon nor live rounds is what's never allowed to happen on any set, anywhere, any time. And the sole persons in charge of checking that doesn't happen are the prop department weapon handler, and their assistant. Not any actor, ever, for any reason on God's green earth, to any degree. They may let the actor watch them loading, if they choose, or the actor requests it. Had it happened, it would have made no difference whatsoever, because they had no effing idea they'd even brought live rounds to set, never having marked them conspicuously for easy visual ID, let alone locking them up separately, as the regs require.)

      4) When a production has hired two presumed subject-matter experts to ensure weapon safety, starting with the rule that neither operable weapons nor live ammo ever be brought to a production set, ever, and ensuring that is their entire reason for being so hired and designated, and the actor's job is not to futz with the weapon or loads in any way, shape, or form, unless the prosecution can prove Baldwin brought the gun and the live rounds to set himself, and deliberately loaded them without anyone else's knowledge, they're going to have a monumentally tough time (like impossible) even getting an indictment for criminally negligent homicide, let alone anything like a conviction.


      OTOH, convicting the idiot weapon handler and her incompetent assistant flunkie for 60+ specific, deliberate, and recklessly criminally negligent violations of standard safety regs leading directly to one accidental death, and another serious wounding, would be child's play.

      That ongoing craptastic unprofessionalism and utter incompetence by those two ass-clowns was why the entire camera department walked off the set that morning, which absolutely prevented any of them from getting shot.

      What's mind-boggling is that it looks like the D.A. isn't going to indict anyone for anything.

    7. Aesop, if you really think the guilt lies with somebody else because Baldwin chose to obey the guidelines of the industry instead of the rules of safe gun handling, then please please please stay the fuck away from me if you've got a gun in your hand.
      You're acting like those guidelines are the law of the land instead of something that's made up by a bunch of showboats.

    8. Kenny,
      Hollywood rules apply on production sets. Period.
      And that's not negotiable to anyone in the industry, especially not to producers nor actors. Trying it the other way has gotten people killed on sets, time after time. That happened yet again, in this case, precisely because the weapons handler - with sole and complete responsibility to scrupulously follow the rules, and ensure anyone who touched a weapon did so as well - broke nearly every single rule on the books.

      The firing range, a shooting competition, or a hunting trip is not the set of Heat, John Wick, or Saving Private Ryan. Thank goodness. Actors are idiots.

      If anyone wants to stack up the number of NDs or even just deaths on civilian firing ranges just this past year using the Four Rules, with the body count from Hollywood accidents ever using the Safety Bulletins, I'll take that bet and match paychecks anytime.
      I don't think anyone is willing to take that offer.

      If I'm using real guns, with live rounds, I'm using real-world common sense gun safety, as I do, including the Four Rules (which BTW also aren't the law of the land anywhere in the U.S.), and I've never had a single ND in my life, nor muzzle-swept anyone, including years in the military, and of competitive shooting.

      But if anyone is using a real gun with live ammo on any primary production set, they've already broken about 20 specific safety rules.
      Starting with the gun and the rounds even being there.
      That's the whole point.

      People want to apply real-world real-gun-and-ammo rules to a make-believe setting, and act like there's any crossover. There's little, if any, and anyone who's seen a TV show or movie in the last 50 years knows that.

    9. (cont.)
      You have to deliberately, consciously, recklessly, break just about all the written-in-blood rules to get the result that occurred on Rust (and the PropTart and her ass-istant did exactly that), and everybody in the industry, starting with every propmaster anywhere, knew who'd screwed that pooch the minute they heard about it, and knew, unless he had been screwing around (which he wasn't), that it wasn't going to be Baldwin.

      The weapon handler brought a live gun to the production. VIOLATION
      The weapon handler put a live gun in his hands. VIOLATION
      She loaded it with live rounds, rather than non-firing dummy rounds. VIOLATION
      She shouldn't even have had either a gun capable of chambering live rounds, nor the rounds themselves, in the same zip code as the production. VIOLATION
      The assistant couldn't tell the difference, because he was incompetent and has admitted under oath he didn't check the guns every time he was supposed to do so, and because the weapons handler hadn't conspicuously marked dummy, blank, and live rounds differently, so that any fool could spot the error from the get-go. MULTIPLE VIOLATIONS
      Just those seven acts alone constitute reckless and criminal gross negligence, and nothing Baldwin could have possibly done with a cursory glance would have prevented it, and neither could you if you'd been him.

      This is why the prop handler was the first and only person to lawyer up immediately, and who is now pushing the "space aliens from Mars put live bullets in the gun when no one was looking, as sabotage" theory to explain her own homicidal criminal negligence. Because the music stopped, and she's the last one standing without a chair.

      The prosecutor, meanwhile, can't seem to figure out that anybody did anything criminal, which IMHO is the far greater pity. She seems to be at least as incompetent as the weapons crew on Rust.

      Baldwin has been an anti-gun douche his whole adult life. The karma payback on this is unbelievable. But there's no way he, unless it miraculously comes out he put the live round in the gun himself, bears criminal responsibility for the shooting.
      Change Baldwin out for any other 2000 actors? Dead D.P.
      But no live gun? Or no live round? No incident.

      The person(s) who put them both in his hand have been the guilty culprits all along, and should be charged as such. I hope they are.

      With Baldwin, I'll settle for him having to STFU for the rest of his adult life on guns, and the effective end of his Hollywood career. At least until his next dick-stomp move.
      Hopefully without a body count. After the first one, guilty or not, second chances are going to be tough to come by.

    10. Jesus. The man holding the gun is responsible for what comes out of that gun and what it hits. Period. No ifs, ands or buts about it.
      You're the only one I know that's defending this shit and I don't know why. He pointed the gun and pulled the trigger, contrary to his claims.

  8. Baldwin is another smug prick that deserves to be bent over a fence and let Mr. Hands have his way with him.

  9. Baldwin stated in a previous interview that he was holding the pistol with his finger depressing the trigger, heldd the hammer back with his thumb while talking to the crew during the setup and check, then for a reason he didn't state (if he had any besides HUA) RELEASED THE HAMMER. *BANG*! One dead, one wounded.

    And that means he ain't lying when he says, "I didn't pull the trigger!" He already had it pulled back, he didn't have to pull it to fire a round. That is to say, he's using weasel words.

    I don't know exactly how many but several of the supposedly ironclad rules of prop gun handling were violated that day. Two I'm sure of is 1. the gun was handed to Baldwin by an assistant director who, 2. made no announcement of its status.

    1. The number of rules that were violated by the weapons handler is somewhere around 60 out of 76 printed black-letter safety rules. Whether she could read them is an open question.

      Confounding everyone's deepest heartfelt wishes, and causing no end of annoyance, Baldwin violated exactly none. His entire role as producer was to sign over the script. The weapons handler and her assistant, as on every set, bear the full responsibility for weapons safety.

      This is the first shooting on a movie set since Brandon Lee's death, 26 years earlier, IIRC.
      So if it's the actor's fault for doing what was scripted, where are the other 26 years of bodies?

      And let's all remember that this is the same FBI that told you Trump was colluding with Russia, miraculously couldn't find any of Ghislaine Maxwell's child molesting co-defendants, and couldn't find any reason to prosecute Shrillary for only 30,000 separate federal felonies.

      Then Google Gell-Mann.

      This is not the nail anyone wants to hang their case on. The FBI failing to reproduce something with any given firearm isn't quite the smoking gun (forgive the pun) some wish it were.

      Colt replica can't fire without pulling the trigger?
      Believe the FBI geniusii, or your lying eyes.

      FTR, the FBI got involved when the Heehaw County NM prosecutor palmed off forensic technical investigation of the case to the firearms whizkids at the FBI Crime Lab.


      You want Bulletins #1 and #2, both published in their current form in 2003.

    3. Safety bulletins..... he was still playing with the damned gun and killed somebody. Then he fucking lies about it and says he didn't pull the trigger even after the FBI ran all their tests and says he had to have pulled it in order for the gun to fire.
      And you defend this piece of shit?

    4. Defend? No.
      1) I don't trust the FBI to find their own asses with both hands, a map, a compass, and a rear-view mirror, and I haven't heard of anyone catching them telling the truth anytime in the last decade, if not longer.
      2) I see no legal basis for criminally indicting Baldwin that would withstand five seconds serious scrutiny by any honest person.
      3) Baldwin's still a piece of shit, he's just not a legally culpable piece of shit.
      4) There's a great scene in A Man For All Seasons where Sir Thomas More contends that he'd give the protection of law to the Devil himself, for his own (More's) sake. It's this entire case, in a nutshell.

  10. Baldwin is a cunt nugget plane and simple . The first thing anyone should do is check their weapon regardless of who loaded it. "Trust but verify" . Too bad Mr. know it all didnt have enough sense to take a firearms safety class somewhere down the line. Now he refuses to take any responsibility for his actions ,and instead is playing the victim . Bah Fuck Alec with a rusty chainsaw

  11. Cocksucker needs to do time.
    With big bubba his good buddy.


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