Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Commentary: In the Swamp Everyone Finds a Way to Win

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy said this week that raising taxes during a recession was a “special kind of stupid.” He’s not wrong, of course, but don’t be fooled. The high-fiving and devilish cackling over the Democrats’ latest spending bonanza isn’t just in the Democratic Cloakroom. 

In typical Beltway fashion, everyone is spinning this as a good thing, either publicly or privately, and real people are left with the bill.


  1. There aren't enough trees or rope to hang all these fuckers. Looks like I might die on my own doorstep. Hopefully take some of them with me. If we don't start stackin' bodies we're screwed.

  2. Politicians have been fucking over the citizens for time immemorial. The Roman aristocrats called it: “Give 'em Bread and circuses". The Frog 18th century nobility said: "Let 'em eat cake" and in the 20th century the cigar smoking political power brokers said: “The public are nothing but mushrooms so keep 'em in the dark and feed 'em shit". Ever since humans began walking on 2 feet there’s been 2 dominating human mental processes. Most people are lotus eating emotional reacting. A few are obsessed critical thinking Alphas. It always has been and will always be.

  3. Dang it! The UF Gators need to find a new name for their stadium! This article has nothing to do with football.


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