Thursday, August 11, 2022

Commentary: Trump’s Triumphant Endorsements

The primary results from Arizona, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, and Missouri raise a fascinating question about the gap between the propaganda media analysis of President Donald Trump and the scale of his achievement as a national Republican leader. 

To understand President Trump’s impact on the Republican Party, consider the most famous political purge attempt in modern times – President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s effort to topple three conservative senators from his own party in the 1938 elections.


  1. It is so sad to see this country going the way it is. All I can do is vote Trump and his endorsees - definitely against ANY demonrat. We are at the point to where we may have already lost it all since the ones in power are determined to stay there by any means necessary. Biden has already scoffed at us gun lovers saying we would need F15s and nukes to defend against the government and he may be right. There are SO MANY (that would appear to be normal people) that believe the MSM and all the stories they publish. They actually believe Biden won and discount the cheating as what naturally goes on in every election. I feel sorrow for my children and grandchildren - even the ones that have been brainwashed because, yes, they know not what they do.

  2. I can remember, when I was a kid in the 50's, my grandparents, parents, and most of their friends talking in reverent tones about FDR. One my Irish grandmother's friends was famous for repeating the line "a chicken in every pot" from the 30's. One day, I think I was around eight or nine, she repeated that line during some discussion the adults were having. I asked her, innocently, if they in fact got their chicken. I got the death stare in return. Never heard her mention that line again.

    Things haven't changed much. Whenever the Demonrats announce they're going to do something good for the people, expect to get bent over effed in the ass, momentarily, like with the Inflation Reduction Act.

    The real sorry part is that most of the country still believe them they make those kind of promises. You'd think they would have learned by now, not that most of the Republicans in office everywhere aren't almost as bad.

    It's going to be another hold your nose and vote for the least stench, again.



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