Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Deputies fatally shot pilot deputized to have gun

KEY LARGO, Fla. — Deputies in the Florida Keys on Wednesday fatally shot a pilot who was deputized to carry guns on planes in what appears to be a “suicide by cop,” officials said.


  1. The individual who was shot, Lane Caviness, also happened to be leading one of the lawsuits against the Federal Goobermint over the mandatory vaccinations for airline crews. From discussions with those who know him, this is way out of character for him and seems more than slightly suspicious.

    1. Holy shit. (What a strange coincidence.)

      "Lane was the leader of a group of over 100 courageous Atlas Air pilots on whose behalf we had recently filed a massive lawsuit in federal court against Atlas fighting against illegal COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Atlas is the largest private cargo carrier for U.S. military and intelligence assets."
      -John Pierce

    2. Arkancide by the Fauci gestao seems to be in order.

  2. This article made no sense. At all. These situations are getting out of hand.

  3. A Texas lawman called it "Suicide by po-leece." Has a better rhythm than "Suicide by cop."

  4. Good to know the Police can deescalate a suicidal situation by shooting dead the suicidal person.


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