Friday, August 19, 2022


WARR ACRES, Okla. (KFOR) – A Warr Acres woman says her home’s bed bug infestation is interfering with her cancer treatment. Not only has her family had to deal with constant bug bites, but she says now they’re inconveniencing the hospital.


  1. We transported a shut-in the other day that was infested. While we were preparing to leave the hospital, ER Staff came out to tell us they found the patient clothing was covered in them when they went to put her in a johnny. Freakin' gross. How do people live like that?

  2. Unknown to me, I brought bed bugs home from a motel. By the time I knew it I had a full blown infestation. At first I didn't know that I had to wage all out scorched earth war on the little bastards and it got out of hand. It took me 2 years and over a thousand dollars to finally eradicate them. It's a nightmare I would only wish on my worst enemies.
    From the article it looks like these people are doing nothing since they can't afford the most expensive treatment.
    Eradicating an infestation takes constant cleaning and recleaning, constant spraying and respraying of insecticide. You have to encase your mattress and boxspring in bed bug proof covers ($100 per bed) and encase all your pillows ($12 per pillow). You have to move everything in your house and take it apart repeatedly. I bug bombed my house every 2 weeks for 2 years. Every time I got dressed I had to check my clothes thoroughly for bugs.
    Several times when I thought I had won the war I would find another nest.
    Killing them with heat requires 130 degrees for an hour. It takes them a year to starve to death if you isolate them.
    I recently went on a trip and stayed 2 nights in a motel. When I got home I stripped down in the yard and put everything in the car with the windows rolled up tight for 2 sunny days. The temp in the car reached 188 degrees. Only then did I take anything in the house.
    Getting rid of bed bugs is a process that takes a lot of constant hard work. I guess that's why these people can't get rid of them.

  3. My parents grew up with bedbugs in the rural south. I remember Mama talking about DDT and what a blessing it was in getting rid of bedbugs.


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