Friday, August 12, 2022

France will be looking for somebody to surrender to over this

If you’re in France and are looking for some traditional Dijon “moutarde” to complete your dinner recipe, then you have a problem. 

The country is having to adapt to a lingering shortage of the tangy mustard, including the Amora and Maille brands owned by consumer staples giant Unilever Plc, which has led to empty store shelves and frustration among French consumers.


Maybe Biden will ship them a few planeloads of our authentic Dijon, Grey Poupon. That oughta piss 'em off.


  1. Joe's got plenty of 'poupon'; not sure if it's grey.


  2. Read about how a Hot Dog Cart started parking in the street in front of a popular sandwich shop. So the shop put a sign in the window; "We'll poupon your"

  3. Lol, I switched over to the spicy Chinese mustard years ago. Takes corndogs to a different level...


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