Friday, August 12, 2022

Frank Jackson

Born in Llano County, Texas, Frank Jackson was orphaned at a young age. By 1874, Jackson was working as a tinner for Jim Murphy in Denton, Texas, when he became acquainted with Sam Bass. Two years later, Jackson killed horse thief Henry Goodall. The following year, Jackson reluctantly joined Bass and his gang in a number of bank robberies, including the hold-up of a stagecoach near Fort Worth on December 22 and again on January 28, 1878. Within several weeks, Jackson and the others began robbing trains, the Houston & Texas Central Express near Allen, Texas on February 22, and near Hutchins, Texas on March 18. Over the course of the next year, Jackson became a close associate of Bass, and at one point, was able to intervene on behalf of another gang member, Jim Murphy, who was suspected of being an informant, thus saving Murphy's life.

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