Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Now the thugs will have to go back to shooting each other for grins

NEW YORK - The NYPD says it seized more than 200 illegal ATVs and dirt bikes across New York City in a single day.

They displayed many of them outside the 52nd Precinct in the Bronx on Tuesday.

The New York City Police Department is cracking down on the motorized vehicles because of safety concerns and complaints.


  1. The joggers will just steal another one....

    Fuck Joe Biden!

  2. I’m sure that there is nothing else more important for the NYPD to do! I mean they have solved all murders, rapes and all other violet crimes.

    1. Up yours. Many of those motorcyclists drive through and around traffic like crazy, drugged up assholes. They deserve to loose their machines.

    2. Lose, not loose, Karl

  3. If they release violent criminals a few hours after they apprehended why would they keep the ATVs any longer?

  4. Unlicensed, untaxed vehicles and helmet safety concerns NYPD is all over. Nevermind the felonies all around.
    ATVs roaming NYC sounds pretty cool, yoh. Escape From New York shit.

  5. It was mechanized infantry. Keep the enemy at bay.

  6. I have no problem with police confiscating them. what bothers me is that they'll destroy them rather than selling them. Police in that city wouldn't bat an eye melting down a $20,000 firearm rather than selling it. It must have been 40 years ago, they recovered a set of dueling pistols that were stolen and had provenance to Thomas Jefferson. the assholes wanted to melt them down rather than return them to the rightful owner and it was only through a lawsuit that they were stopped.


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