Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Your Wednesday Morning Florida Report

A Florida Woman is facing a domestic assault charge for allegedly throwing a raw steak at her partner during a confrontation Sunday night in their residence.


  1. A possible excuse for the 'victim' calling the fuzz was because he was drunk. The steak didn't even hit him. Even if it had, that's no reason.

    So this is what is likely to happen.
    Any firearms in the home will be taken.
    The child will be taken out of the home.
    She will be cited as an abuser.
    There may be an ex parte hearing to determine 'what is best' for the child.
    Both will have to go through the often capricious hoops to prove they are capable to raise the child.
    Any visitation will be closely supervised by an agent of the state.
    If the two lovebirds continue to live together, neither of them will be allowed to keep firearms in the home.
    It may happen the child's school will prohibit mom onto school grounds.

    All because the guy couldn't control himself.

    1. It was the woman who did it, not the guy.

    2. Yep, you just pick up the steak and say: "Woman, grill this for me, medium rare:. End of story.

    3. Divemedic, who called the cops? Its that one who is to blame. That was my point; I figured it was the guy who made the call.

  2. With the prices these days, who can afford an assault steak?

  3. I had an employee years ago that pushed his wife during an argument. She was pregnant at the time. She called the police and it turned into a very very costly battle for the two of them even though she didn't press charges. They took all his guns and he can never own a firearm again. She's a bitch and probably deserved it but that one phone call was a life changer for both of them.

  4. If it was a tomahawk steak that could lead to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

  5. Hmmmm......a game of high steaks.....

  6. What cut? Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. So do "misdemeanor remarks" and "felonious shouting" apply in domestics? I have heard po-leece talk about "Misdemeanor words were tossed back and forth," but that was when I was a trusted cop shop reporter. Also "misdemeanor hand gestures."


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