Monday, September 26, 2022

How To Tell Which Hens Are Laying Eggs

You have hens laying eggs, but minimal eggs – why is that? What’s happening?
It could be environmental, nutritional, seasonal, or just a particular breed of bird.
Sometimes you aren’t even sure which hens are laying – or not.

Today we are going to look at how you can check to see which of your hens are laying and not laying eggs.


Mine are easy - I've seen them laying before so I know which hen laid which egg.
Jane, the black naked neck, lays a creamy colored, almost white egg, Ann, the brown naked neck, lays a brown egg, and The Brown Bitch, the brown leghorn, lays a white egg.
They all run back to their nesting boxes to lay, no matter how far away from it they are.

None of my 5 Daisy's are laying yet and to be honest, when they do start, I could give a shit less as to which hen laid which egg as long as they keep me supplied.


  1. That's easy: those hens don't use urinals.

    1. Roosters don't use them either. They all play from the same port.
      Sorry, I couldn't help myself, I just had to be a smartass.

  2. I don't keep chickens . I've read in Shirley McConnighers(sp?) book"Cookwise",that a hens eggs are the same color as its ears. A truely interesting book IMHO.

    1. This is true. I've got a brown leghorn with white ear tabs and she lays white eggs just like my white leghorns did.

  3. I recently started raising ducks for their eggs. Way more nutrients. I


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